Are testosterone pellets worth it?

Testosterone pellet therapy is a cost-effective means of augmenting low testosterone levels in men. The routine dose of testosterone pellet therapy is 1000 to 2000 mg based on your initial testosterone levels and administered twice per year. What makes testosterone pellet therapy effective is its continuous release dose so that you can avoid oscillation in testosterone levels and also the convenience of requiring only two visits annually. 

Follow-up laboratory tests are required three months after the initial treatment since each client’s response to pellets may vary. After the initial three months, a baseline in your testosterone is established, with testosterone levels being dictated merely by your supplement doses since your testosterone production will be tapered. As such, subsequent laboratory follow-up tests are only needed one month before your treatment dates. The routine follow-up laboratory tests will only measure your free testosterone, total testosterone, PSA, and CBC. The PSA test is meant to keep track of your prostate status and the CBC to ensure your blood count is not elevated.

In conclusion, pellet testosterone therapy is a safe and effective method of hormone therapy for both men and women. Continuous administration of hormones by pellets is convenient and economical for the patient. 

Testosterone replacement therapy will boost your libido, increase muscle mass, sharpen memory, and increase your energy. Most men lose testosterone with age, much in the same manner that women observe a decrease in their sex hormones. A reported 20 to 40 percent of older men have a medical condition called hypogonadism and should consider testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

How quickly do testosterone pellets work?

Most clients begin to feel the effects of testosterone pellet testosterone as early as four weeks following insertion. One of the earliest signs of testosterone elevation is improved sleep quality with vivid dreams. Within several months, an increase in muscle mass and subsequent decrease in belly fat are also appreciated. Pellets are typically reinserted every three to six months, based on your hormone levels assessed through your blood work.

Are testosterone pellets as effective as injections?

Both intramuscular injections and pellets are considered more effective options than gels and patches. The procedure to implant the pellet is fast, convenient, and straightforward. You may feel irritation or pain for up to two weeks following the procedure. As for weight loss, some patients notice that initially, they gain weight when starting testosterone therapy. However, this usually reverses over time as metabolism and activity levels increase.

What are the side effects of hormone pellets?

The most frequent side effects of inappropriate hormone replacement have been irritability, acne, and breast overgrowth when hormone therapy is not well adjusted. High testosterone levels cause irritability and acne. Breast overgrowth is commonly reported if testosterone conversion to estrogen is not simultaneously blocked with your pellets.

 Inappropriate hormone dosing can also cause unpleasant symptoms such as:

  • Weight gain.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Tiredness.
  • Headaches.
  • Breast tenderness.

In conclusion, are testosterone pellets worth it?

In summary, if you are experiencing any symptoms of low testosterone and you are a man aged above 40 to 50, it is likely a wise decision to check your testosterone levels. There is a strong correlation with improvement in low testosterone symptoms when testosterone pellets are administered. Men likely have a similar physiological lifespan, much like women who require hormone replacement therapy after menopause. Unfortunately, hormone replacement in men has been neglected until recently. 

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