Do Women Need Testosterone?

Believe it or not, women also need testosterone. Even though their levels are no where near male levels, women also need this hormone. This hormone in women are produced by the ovary and adrenal glands. Similar to men, it allows women to have improved libido, more intense orgasms, but also helps them lean up with more muscle tone and less fat composition.

The decrease in fat is not only observed over the abdomen and around the hips but also in the gut. This fat is called visceral fat and eliminating this fat may be the single most important benefit of testosterone supplementation in women who want to improve their figures. This is because this internal gut fat is the fat that we cannot remove through liposuction. In addition, eliminating this fat has several medical advantages that include protection against cardiovascular disease.

Now we must remember that women only require modest amounts. Some women can try boosting their testosterone levels by consuming food products such as tuna, low-fat milk, egg yolks, beef, and beans. Others may consider hormone replacement therapy that typically includes a combination of testosterone and estrogen as well based on their specific hormonal needs.

There are a few side effects of testosterone therapy specific to women that can result in developing facial acne or hair loss. These effects if observed are reversible and will typically result in women stopping their testosterone replacement therapy. If you have a female friend who has low libido and energy, please have them contact our hormone specialist for a consultation.

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