What Are Testosterone Pellets?

Low testosterone levels in males can have significant deleterious effects that include decrease in libido, loss of energy, depression, and compromise of physical appearance. Changes in physical appearance are related to a combination of decrease in muscle mass and increase in body fat. Traditionally, testosterone injections have been advocated to counter low testosterone levels. Unfortunately, the need to perform intramuscular gluteal injections requiring patients to go to the doctor’s office weekly has become an obstacle. Even the most motivated patients are only able to go to their doctor’s office no more frequently than every other week. This means patients’ testosterone levels drop each and every week prior to their injections. This means a ton of cyclically irritable men in between their injection doses. However, today, we offer men an alternative to testosterone injections that avoids cyclical changes in testosterone levels; this alternative to testosterone injections has arrived with advance in testosterone pellets therapy.

What are testosterone pellets? Testosterone pellets are lyophilized absorbable capsules that allow for testosterone to be released continuously as the capsule gets absorbed in your body. The pellet is placed just underneath your skin with a small trocar in the office setting with local anesthetic only. Once the testosterone pellet is inserted, it will provide you constant testosterone doses throughout the day for up to 4 months. This means no more weekly visits to the doctors office. This means no more mood swings and sluggishness. Once the pellets have been inserted, most men feel improvements as early as 2 weeks. Changes in your appearance that involve increase muscle mass and decrease in body fat do take 6 months to be evident. One of the interesting observations of men that have been placed on testosterone pellet therapy is that there is a dramatic reduction in intra-abdominal or visceral fat. This means no more beer bellies for you guys out there! The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy are even more far reaching. Testosterone therapy can relieve your anxiety, improve memory and concentration. Testosterone pellets in particular have been shown to improve bone density thus making your less prone to breaking bones especially in the older males.

So how do you go about getting testosterone pellets? First, you complete a history and physical by our hormone expert physician. Then, you will have all of your hormones checked with a laboratory test. All of your information is used to come up with a customized cocktail that will be placed into your own personalized pellet. You will then return to the office for your pain-less pellet insertion. You will be provided a small injection of local anesthetic solution. Next, a small incision will be made and the pellets injected using a sleek trocar. Two stitches will be placed to seal the incision. You will be asked to refrain from showering for 48 hours and physical activity for one week.

The cost for the insertion of pellets is approximately $500 to $800 for women to be paid only at the time of insertion 2 times per year. The cost for men is $700 to $1000 to be paid at time of insertion 3 times per year. The price for men is higher because men need a much larger dose of testosterone than women. Whereas women require only 2 pellets, men typically relieve 6 pellets during each session. Dosing and frequency of insertions can vary based on how quickly you metabolize your pellet and medications. Unfortunately, pellet therapy is cash based and not currently covered by health insurances. However, the savings of not having to take time off of work and make repeated visits to your doctor are unsurmountable savings both socially and financially to the patient.

In summary, if you are feeling any of the symptoms associated with low testosterone levels, we encourage you to set up a complimentary consultation with our hormone specialist physician.

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